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About JS-Profiler

JS-Profiler, a pet project of mine - HP Dietz - has come quite a long way:

Recurring discussions concerning runtime efficiencies of different (JavaScript-)implementations with my dear friend and former colleague Fabian Maschewski lead to our joint implementation of several profiling scripts somewhere in 2016.

This eventually resulted in the creation of a Node.js CLI wich evolved to become the CLI and library called JS-Profiler. The JS-Profiler library is the heart of this web application and was first released into the wild in 2017 (also available on npm).

Having created this tool, I was motivated to share the information in an easily accessible manner. The idea for js-profiler.com was born.

Fast forward a few months, I had aquired a domain, established rudimentary infrastructure, implemented a handfull of microservices and a little frontend.

https://js-profiler.com went live on August 8th, 2018.

It is a lot of work to develop, run and maintain any webservice. Therefore I appreciate every bit of help!